Power Supply Series

We can help with standard product AC-AC/AC- DC supplies, DC-DC converters, DC-AC Inverter, and custom designs for those non standard requirements. 

We believe open discussions between engineers are the best and fastest way to provide our customers with the power supplies they need. At Tops United, we set up a winning design team using your engineers and ours, to guide your unique application from the beginning to the end.

In addition to customized input and output needs, we can tailor the design to unique space requirements, packaging constraints, or operating conditions. We also offer custom designed power sources from 3 watts to 700 Watts, miniaturized to rack-mounted, and a variety of sizes and shapes to fit into unusual system needs.


Digital Speaker Series

We have a series of 2.0 multimedia speaker systems to 5.1 theater speaker systems that are designed for specific audio of your requirements and also have developed the latest series of 2.0-2.1 USB digital speakers. That is extremely easy to be carried and convenient to use but not take rooms. Also, to the NOTEBOOK users, they will find out this system great, no matter for entertainment or for commercial.

We at Tops United share your high regard for high-end sound equipment. We appreciate the respect you give each piece you add to your home or listening room. Tops United brings you an ever-growing wealth of information and ever-wider choice of products to enhance your listening pleasure -- as we enhance our own.


PC Accessories Series

Our company is devoted in exporting the peripheral products of computer to America continent, Europe, and Asia area. The main products are the multimedia Speaker, Mouse, Keyboard and computer case, Headset, USB Hub products and so on. We do ours utmost to develop the relevant products of other computers.



We sell CNR Varistor, and we are the major agent in local area. We also take customers' order in the following fields:

Metal Products
Machines & Parts
Plastic Products
Stamping Products
Die Casting Parts
Turning & Machining Parts


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